Open Benchtable Debug Card

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The Open Benchtable Debug Card is developed by ElmorLabs and designed to fit all full size Open Benchtable. The debug card allows you to display motherboard debug information sent to port 80 on the LPC bus, even if there’s no on-board display on your motherboard.

The debug card uses an Altera/Intel Max V CPLD which decodes the LPC bus and displays the debug codes on a 7-segment display. The prerequisite is that there’s a TPM or LPC debug header on the motherboard. Pinouts of the card, cables and standard motherboard headers can be found over at For motherboard compatibility list, check the ElmorLabs forum.

This updated version has an improved full surface mount design with JST PH-headers for simple and reliable connection to the debug card. It also has M4 mounting holes (60 x 20 mm) for attaching to a suitable case. The product dimensions are 69.8 x 29.8 mm.

Included accessories:

  • 30 cm cables for ASUS/Gigabyte motherboards (2x5 2.00mm LPC/TPM header)
  • 30 cm cables for MSI motherboards (2x7 2.0mm JTPM header)
  • 30 cm cables for ASRock motherboards (2x9 2.0mm TMPS header)
  • 30 cm cables for Supermicro motherboards (2x6 2.54mm JTPM1 header)
  • 30 cm cables for power and reset buttons (front panel header)

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