Open Benchtable Debug Card Returns After Two Years!

Posted by Pieter-Jan Plaisier on

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our community! After a two-year hiatus, the Open Benchtable Debug Card will soon be available in our store again.

For those who may not be familiar, the Debug Card, designed to fit all full-size Open Benchtable V1/V1.1 setups, provides a convenient solution to display motherboard debug information sent to port 80 on the LPC bus. This is particularly useful in situations where there's no on-board display on your motherboard.

Many of our dedicated fans may recall our initial debug card promotion in 2020 and subsequent general availability in 2021. Unfortunately, right around the time we ran out of stock, the electronics shortage hit the world and we were unable to source critical components at a reasonable price.

We tracked the market price of the critical components on a monthly basis ever since and now we're excited to finally bring it back by popular demand.

The Debug Card utilizes an Altera/Intel Max V CPLD, effectively decoding the LPC bus and presenting debug codes on a clear 7-segment display. To use this incredible tool, a prerequisite is that your motherboard features a TPM or LPC debug header. Pinouts of the card, cables and standard motherboard headers can be found over at You can find a list of compatible motherboards on the ElmorLabs forum.

We expect the Open Benchtable debug card to be back in stock in March 2024. Once we have a more clear idea about the exact availability date, we'll open the product page for orders

Happy Benching!

The Open Benchtable Team