OBT XOC Insulation Foam

Regular price $80.00

The OBT XOC Insulation Foam is a pre-cut and precisely shaped piece of insulation foam for all extreme overclockers in need of a good looking and efficient setup.

The pre-cut foam allows to easily remove part of the insulation to accommodate the different CPU Ln2 Pot Backplates, be it a thin or thick option.

The OBT XOC Insulation Foam is perfect for the Open Benchtable:

  • Pre-cleared holes for all standoffs positions (Motherboard & PCI-Express)
  • Pre-cleared OBT Feet mounting holes
  • Precisely cut-to-shape for your OBT (v1, v1.1 & v2)
  • Pre-cut CPU-Backplate area (more on this below)
  • Exact thickness to use with the Open Benchtable standoffs
  • Pre-cut areas are identical on the 2 thickness options

This is a limited production with extremely limited supply.